Property Types

Detached property:

There are three different property types in the housing market. The largest and most influential segment is the detached market, which can be defined as a unit (home) that is not attached to any other unit.

Attached property: 

The attached segment of the housing market is extremely diverse. There are two different kinds of property in this segment (semi-detached and row) and lots of different product options within both types. 

While attached property is broadly defined as a unit that is attached to another unit by at least one common wall, there are different variations depending on the property type. 

For example, semi-detached product is attached to only one other dwelling by a common wall (two dwellings attached).

Apartment property:

The apartment segment is dynamic and made up of many different kinds of product, from the large high-density buildings in major urban centres, to medium and smaller sized multi-unit dwellings in more suburban areas—and everything in-between. 

For all its subtle nuances and diverse characteristics, apartment property can be simply defined as an attached unit that has connecting enclosed hallways.

Data above defined by CREB®

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